Ansar Haroun, MBBS, M.Med.Sci

Ansar Haroun , MBBS and M.Med.Sci

Cabinet Designation: Mentor
Year of Experience: 40
Specialization: Psychiatry
Sub Specialization: Forensic Psychiatry
Affiliated Hospital: UCSD
Education MBBS and M.Med.Sci
Certifications: Psychiatry | Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Location: Sandigistan, California
Languages: English and Urdu,

Dr Ansar Haroun was born in Pakistan, raised in Italy, and educated in England, where he was a Scholar at Christ’s Hospital. He started medical school in London, but failed to satisfy the examiners. The school psychiatrist opined his failure was due to “cultural confusion” since he was the only darkie in the class, and recommended he rediscover his cultural roots in South Asia. He graduated MBBS with difficulty, at the bottom of his class, from Lahore. He returned home to England, and studied for an M.Med.Sci in the medical humanities, and was awarded a Roosevelt Scholarship to visit the US. He returned to the US, and completed his psychiatry training at Yale. He was interested in Vice and Virtue, and noted that much Wickedness starts in childhood, so also trained in child psychiatry at Columbia.

For most of his life, he has worked as a Blamologist (medical expert in blame) for the San Diego Superior Court.

He has been a board examiner, and teacher (professor of psychiatry, pediatrics and law), and for his trainees, developed many psych instruments, including the CLAD (Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness), the CLAW (Clinical Assessment of Wickedness) and the PERP (Psych Evaluation of Romantic Partner). For the military, he developed the PEST (Psych Eval of Suspected Terrorists), while he was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
He has published in areas of Psychiatry’s overlap with Law and Ethics, e.g Wickedness, Religious Delusion, Decision-Making, Informed Consent, Terrorism and Deception.