Zafar Ahsan, MD, MPH

Zafar Ahsan , MD, MPH

Cabinet Designation: Alumni President
Education MD, MPH

Each one of us chose psychiatry as a medical specialty for personal reasons.
My story begins in 1985 while pursuing MPH at NY medical College, I had an opportunity to work at a mental retardation institute.
While observing a senior psychiatrist assessing a Developmentally Delayed and Intellectually Disabled patient, I learned it is “art for communication” and how to establish a therapeutic relationship having clinical and scientific knowledge.
With this concept I have focused on to develop and maintain healthy and mutually respectable relationship with the individuals I interact with particularly my patients and their families. As we know and studies have confirmed the facts of “power of healing” by engaging in a healthy relationship.
I have worked in public sector, community health centers and treated individuals who are incarcerated. Each patient has presented with a unique and very personal story that helps me to develop an “individualized” treatment plan.
I belong to Jinnah Sind Medical college and was trained in New York. After completing my general psychiatry training, I did fellowship in Child and Adolescent psychiatry.
With the understanding that my message will be on the PAPANA website, I will encourage my colleagues to “communicate” with the peers and share ideas that can help us to learn and grow as professionals as well as a group.