PAPANA Membership

Membership Packages


Medical Student
Residency applicant
Doctor in Pakistan

Annual Membership

USD 50Per Year

Life Time Membership

USD 250One Time Payment

Advantages of Becoming a PAPANA Member

  • Networking with psychiatrists of Pakistani descent from across the world.
  • For Practicing Psychiatrists in the US:
  • CME lecture series
  • Helpful resources to pass Board exams.
  • Platform to discuss possible job/career opportunities.
  • Access to a concise list of Statewide practicing Pakistani psychiatrists.
  • Quarterly newsletter to share psychiatry updates and innovative techniques and modalities in psychiatry.
  • Working as a team to build psychiatry care and infra structure in Pakistan for trainees/ practicing physician and general public through webinars, active case discussions and lecture series.
  • For current psychiatry residents and fellows in the USA:
  • Helpful resources to excel during their CSVs, clinical work, Journal Club and PRITE.
  • Empowering opportunities to be engaged in scholarly work and leadership role.
  • Platform to be connected to various prestigious organizations regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Assistance and guidance for a successful transition from a trainee to a fellow, or a practicing psychiatrist
  • For Psychiatry residency application:
  • Be part of the interactive platform to optimize chances to enter a residency or fellowship program in the USA by 1:1 mentorship during application and interview process (PS, resume, mock interview).
  • Opportunities to be engaged in scholarly work and research activities, guidance to present your scholarly work at national and international conferences.
  • Guidance regarding visa providing resources.
  • Merit based Scholarship opportunities for outstanding applicants.
  • For trainees and practicing physicians in Pakistan:
  • Resources to share psychiatry updates, innovative techniques, and modalities in psychiatry.
  • Opportunities for networking with psychiatry faculty and trainees for psychiatry residency applicants.
  • To participate in active case discussions and lecture series, and journal clubs
  • Opportunities to be engaged in research work, conference presentations and publications.

All these advantages of joining PAPANA come with tax-deductible members' dues since PAPANA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.