Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America (PAPANA)

We are non-profit, professional, and educational organization incorporated in the United States of America (USA) with no political, religious or ethnic affiliations.
This association has been active under different names for about 45 years until 2013 when it was renamed as PAPANA. In 2017, PAPANA’s general body approved its first constitution and bylaws followed by a tax exempt status granted in 2018 to allow collection of membership dues to support various professional activities of the association.
The PAPANA holds elections to elect cabinet members every year at their annual meeting, which is usually organized during the annual meetings of American Psychiatric Association.

Message from President
Message from Past President
PAPANA Mission

Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America is comprised of mental health professionals and advocates who are responsible for ensuring the development and progression of the association.

Mentorship Program

About Mentorship Program

Mentorship is an essential aspect of the work at PAPANA. The Training and Mentorship committee is pleased to offer a program for residency applicants in addition to other activities geared towards career development. The mentorship program is only offered yearly for PAPANA members applying for Psychiatry in the current match cycle. Details and mentorship request forms are circulated on the social media platforms. The details of the WhatsApp group should be in your welcome email when you join PAPANA.

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