Aims & Objectives

Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America (PAPANA) is a non-profit, professional, educational organization incorporated in the United States of America and has no political, religious or ethnic affiliations.

The purpose of PAPANA rests in the realization of following goals and objectives by every single member of the association:


Being a Sincere Psychiatrist…


Foster scientific development and education in fields related to the mental health system in order to improve the quality of psychiatric and mental health care for all; regardless of race, religion, color, creed, gender or age.


Provide assistance and encouragement to all mental health professionals, and facilitate them regarding orientation, adjustment, initiation or completion of their training.


Make opinion leaders and decision makers take notice of the problems faced by the psychiatric community in general and Pakistani-American psychiatrists in particular.


Establish a learning forum where exchange of ideas can take place between psychiatrists of different backgrounds and fields of expertise.


Actively participate in disaster relief activities and other mental health enhancing efforts both in North America and Pakistan.


Promote joint academic programs with established psychiatric societies in Pakistan, North America and United Kingdom.

Being a Patriotic Pakistani

Encourage mental health education and delivery of better mental health care in Pakistan; specifically by arranging donations, sharing psychiatric literature, arranging mental health lectures, conferences and seminars in Pakistan.

Initiate Mentorship programs in Pakistan for physicians, fellows, medical students and other mental health workers who are interested in mental health care.


Organize a visiting faculty program based on the needs of the psychiatric institutions in Pakistan.

Establish an active correspondence with psychiatric journals in Pakistan to facilitate members who are interested in getting their research work published.

Arrange an annual CME conference in Pakistan at different medical schools by rotation.

Being an Active PAPANA Member