Our Values


Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America (PAPANA) is an organization where the recognition of diverse human needs, attitudes, and desires drives legislation, policy decisions, and programs for people, organizations, and communities. Psychiatrists are dedicated towards ensuring the ultimate humane care and effective treatment for all individuals afflicted by mental disorders, including mental sickness or retardation and substance-related disorders. It’s the voice and the ideology of contemporary psychiatry. Its goal is a society with, available, affordable, reliable psychiatric treatment and care.“


The mission of the Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America (PAPANA) is to:

  • Strengthen and promote the highest level of treatment for people with psychiatric illnesses (including mental retardation and drug-related disorders) and their families;
  • Endorse psychiatric education, training, and research
  • Promote and recognize the psychiatry profession
  • Meet the professional interests of its members.


  • Finest values and standards in clinical practice;
  • Highest level of ethical standards for professional conduct
  • Patient protection, access, treatment, care and sensitivity and empathy for their family members;
  • Patient-focused decisions regarding their treatment
  • Patient advocacy
  • Scientifically proven therapeutic principles
  • Acceptance and respect for all the other healthcare professionals;
  • Respect for diversity of opinion and cultural diversity in the sector and association.
  • Professional lifetime learning
  • Academic support